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TAT Inc. is the largest and the most popular wholesale supplier of Nail products in Japan. There are 7 stores and 11 domestic agencies in Japan. SHAREYDVA Shanghai International Trade Co.,Ltd,, is the first oversea subsidiary, including oversea store, which had opened in 2011 Shanghai, China. Fortunately, we have expanded oversea agencies in more 6 countries, with the opening of the stores.
For more than 10 years from the establishment of the company, with firm determination of promoting the development of domestic nail industries and markets, we have worked to maintain the high standards of client services, and continuous development of product quality and technology. Based on the management philosophy, we will contribute to the development of nail industry, not only in Japan, but also in all over the world by providing satisfaction to the customers. We will send out the latest technology and high quality of the Japanese standards to the world.

Corporate Profile

Company Name TAT Inc.
Establishment 1998
Foundation 2000
Head Office

4-50 Hino-cho Nishinomiya City Hyogo Prefecture,Japan

Capital Fund 50,000,000 JPY
Number Of Employees 223(at the end of 2013,Jul)
Business Wholesale business of nail product
lineup of products LCNSHAREYDVApieadraMICREA 

Company Structure

Representative President and representative director Naoki Takano
Executive Chairman
Kaeko Takano
Executive vice president
Yoshiki Takano
Executive vice president
Tsuneki Takano
Managing director
Koichi Kita
Managing director
Koji Kurose
Yuko Tanaka
Yoshihiko Yamane

Management Policy

~ Social Mission ~

We will contribute to nail business, by innovating a new value and culture to the world.

~ Organization Philosophy ~

We will attain both physical and spiritual happiness, by the growth of each employee

~ Course of Action ~

We will value to serve and support at any cost, by creativity and self-motivation with gratitude and appreciation.

Company History



Takano American trading Established

2000 Takano American Trading Co.,Ltd,. Established
2002 Coral island Osaka store(Honmachi,Osaka) opened.(Apr)
TAT original catalog launched (Mar)
2003 Coral island Co.,Ltd,. Established
Coral island Osaka store moved to Umeda,Osaka
2004 Coral island Nagoya store opened.
TAT inc. Increased capital and Reorganized the organization ( Jul)
Home page renewal
2006 Coral Island Shinsaibashi,Osaka store and Shimokitazawa,Tokyo
store(Tokyo) opened
2008 management integration between TAT inc. and
Coral Island Co.,Ltd,
2010 Coral Island Shimokitazawa store moved to Shibuya,Tokyo(Jan)
Changed name from Coral Island to TAT
Sapporo Agency opened. (Apr)
Tokushima Agency opened. (Aug)
2011 Okayama Agency opened.(Feb)
TAT Shanghai overseas office and store opened. (Mar)
Shinjuku store, Tokyo opened. (May)
Okinawa Agency opened.(Jul)
TAT Sentai store opened (Sep)
Fukushima Agency opened. (Dec)
2012 Fukuoka Agency opened.(Jan)
Taiwan oversea Agency opened. (Mar)
TAT Ginza store, Tokyo opened. (Apr)
Niigata Agency opened. (May)
Thailand oversea Agency opened. (Sep)
Shinsaibashi store, Osaka had relocated. (Oct)
Hong Kong oversea Agency opened. (Nov)
2013 Sapporo Agency relocated.(May)
Hiroshima Agency opened. (Nov)
Korea oversea Agency opened. (Jun)
L.A. oversea Agency opened. (Jun)
Singapore oversea Agency opened. (Aug)
Kobe Agency opened. (Nov)
Chiba Agency opened. (Nov)

Business performance

2012 JPY 6,396,000,000
2011 JPY 4,998,000,000
2010 JPY 4,150,000,000
2009 JPY 3,473,000,000
2008 JPY 3,201,000,000

Oversea Agency Partnership


General Guidelines of Application:

Required to agree and comply with our company philosophy, and have high motivation and intention to contribute to the development of nail industry.

There is no an initial fee or royalties, for using the trademarks of “TAT”.


  • Required to be a non-individual business entity.
  • Required to be a proper taxpaying entity.
  • Required to comply with contract agreement.

Conditions and Terms

More than 50 square meters of Product display area at the store.
Proof of prompt capital and planning of operation.
Participation of the local beauty and nail exhibitions or events.

Process of Application and Opening:
Contact us

Fill in the inquiry and questionnaires

Meetings in Japan, with the presentations of the planning and the documents

Confirmation of the conditions and the contract agreements.

Official agreement

Preparation of opening

Official opening and the opening ceremony.


TAT International Relation Section